Die grafischen Effekte, die in der Natur gefunden werden, werden mich immer faszinieren.
Lisboa e Porto (22.3.17 - 27.3.17)
Ein Aufenthalt in Portugal, wo wir mit Lissabon begonnen...
...bevor wir die Straße zum Atlantik nehmen... Porto zu gelangen :)
Antigel 2017 (27.1.17 - 19.2.17)
(Braucht Übersetzung).

It is a very pleasant moment in the Geneva field, and my "year of photography" is realy starting with this festival.

30 January: Unreal moment at Villa Bernasconi.
3 February: Concert openning by Hyperculte before The Notwist.
4 February: Jalen N'Gonda, the future of rhythm & blues is assured!
5 February: The underground brass band, this "made in Antigel" creation is a delight for 4 of our 5 senses. I liked it a lot, as usual.
14 February: Laetitia Dosch, a crazy actress (my oposit at any level), from whom I'm now a fan.
18 February: The inner city, many thanks to all the artists, thank you to Eric Linder for all these emotions. It was, once more, very enjoyable moments.