Based on photographs, here are some sportsmen drawn in various techniques.
Test of a new technique: dry pastel.
Two drawings made after photographs. The first is a gift for a friend and his wife.
The rest are observation sketches.
Aline had an important meeting this afternoon, that she shouldn't miss in any circumstances. This painting was made by my desire to return to gouache.
Having no experience in the Character design area, my idea was to draw random views of imaginary people.
The following roughs have often been drawn in the public transports.
(Needs translation).

Quelques dessins au stylo à bille inspirés de peintures du 19e. Les couleurs sont posées avec Gimp.
"L'attrapade" de Félicien Rops.
"Le printemps" de Édouard Manet.
"L'absinthe" de Edgard Degas.
"Baigneuse au bord du ruisseau" de Gustave Courbet.