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Inktober 2017Sun 1 > Tue 31 Oct

My contributation to Inktober 2017: #inktober #inktober2017
A few of them in black and white:
Inktober 2016Sat 1 > Mon 31 Oct
For the realization of my first Inktober, my allies were the usual tools: the ballpoint pen, watercolor and correction fluid.
By luck, my last drawing is also the one I prefer (the child and her pet). Effectively, I came up with a strategy to minimize the "bored time". This expression starts from the observation that the creation of a drawing is a long and laborious process, the illustrator will therefore inevitably get bored: not good for the result.
In order to reduce it, my plan was to do all the steps at the same time: light sketch, watercolor, ballpoint pen, without any time limit and no particular order. I was certainely shy on the application of this idea, but its setup pleases me for the future :) #inktober #inktober2016